Purple Hull Peas

A.E. Nightingale, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus
Texas A&M University

Date: 1988
Location: John Stahman Farm – Waller, Texas

Three uniform fifty foot rows were randomly selected from a ten acre block of Purple Hull Peas. Two rows were sprayed with Spray-N-Grow Micronutrients and one was used as a control. The first spray application was made on July 25 to two rows when the first trifoliate leaf was expanded. A second application to one row was made ten days later.

Normal field operations such as cultivating, fertilizing, insect control and irrigation were conducted over the entire block uniformly by Mr. Stahman. The peas grew well and in a short time the treated rows showed quite a difference in overall height and heavier foliage as compared to the untreated rows. Foliage color was excellent throughout.

As the peas reached marketable quality and color, they were hand harvested and weighed. Four harvests were made at three day intervals and then harvesting was suspended and not considered to be practical because of exceedingly dry and hot weather.


2 Applications

9/2: 2.0 lbs
9/6: 12.25 lbs
9/9: 9.5 lbs
9/12: 5.0 lbs
Total Harvest: 28.75 lbs

1 Application
: 0.5 lbs
9/6: 4.0 lbs
9/9: 5.0 lbs
9/12: 12.5 lbs
Total Harvest: 22 lbs

9/2: 1.0 lbs
9/6: 5.0 lbs
9/9: 5.0 lbs
9/12: 5.0 lbs
Total Harvest: 16.5 lbs

At the completion of the harvests, there were many blossoms still forming to a greater extent on the treated plants, but the weather conditions were not favorable for fruit set and development. Due to the favorable response from these treatments, further trials will be conducted on a larger scale next season.

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