From Our Family to Your Farm

Like your farm, our company is a family business. Spray-N-Grow was started 36 years ago by Bill & Ethel Muskopf to sell our signature product, Spray-N-Grow, to gardeners. They loved the results Spray-N-Grow produced: more vegetables, blooms and fruits and stronger, healthier plants.

In 1987, an innovative commercial grower in Washington state, Pete Garza, tested Spray-N-Grow on his apple orchard. He learned about Spray-N-Grow from his wife, Emily, who loved the results Spray-N-Grow produced on her roses. Pete’s test showed his Spray-N-Grow treated apples were redder, sweeter and had higher internal pressure. Amish farmers also discovered Spray-N-Grow from using it on their family gardens and began treating their fruit and vegetable crops.

As a chemist, Bill knew most farmers relied on field trials before using a new product on their crops. He embarked on a research program that resulted in Spray-N-Grow being tested on 95 different crops in 11 states and 8 countries by agriculture universities, ministries of agriculture, independent researchers and farmers. This research proved that Spray-N-Grow increases yields, improves quality and produces stronger, healthier plants.

Each year more farmers discover the proven results Spray-N-Grow produces.

We wish you good weather, great crops and big profits,

The Muskopf family