Gladiolus Trial

Spray-N-Grow Gladiolus Trial 1996

Location: Hanoi Agricultural University, Vietnam
Date: 1996

Stalk diameter (cm)                                  
Control:  1.1
Treated: 1.6
Increasing Rate: 145%

Length of spring           
Control: 58
Treated: 67
Increasing Rate: 115%

Best Flower Rate 
Control: 56  
Treated: 82
Increasing Rate: 146%

: Spray-N-Grow has a great effect on gladiolus. Spray-N-Grow increased the flower stalk’s diameter, sprig’s length and especially the best flower rate by 146%.

Note: Trial results were submitted to Spray-N-Grow in Vietnamese. The text above is taken from the exact translation, with no corrections to grammar or idioms.