Consan 20

Consan 20 is a fungicide, bactericide, and algaecide which kills powdery mildew, rust, other fungi, and even fire blight on contact. Consam 20 is safe and easy to use. It biodegrades within 50 hours and leaves no residual in the soil or on plants. It is nearly neutral so it will not affect soil pH. Consan 20 is EPA approved for use on ornamentals and hard surfaces. It is also labeled for disinfecting all tools and equipment used in and around the farm, orchard, packing shed and greenhouse.

Consan 20 kills the following pathogens:
Algae build-up, anthracnose, black spot, bacterial leaf spot, blight, botrytis, brown canker, brown patch, bud rot, carnation rust, canker rot, crown gall, crown rot, damping off, dollar spot, downy mildew, erwinia rot, fading out, fairy rings, fire blight, fusarium basal rot, fusarium blight, gray mold diseases, heart rot, leaf base rot, leaf black spot, leaf blight, leaf spot, mildew, penicillium phyllosticta blight, powdery mildew, pythium blight, root rot, rust, shoot rot, slimy collar rot, stem gall, stem rot, top rot, toad stools, and wilt.