Bill's Perfect Fertilizer 6-11-5

Bill’s Perfect Fertilizer is a liquid fertilizer that delivers much needed phosphorus and other macronutrients in order to accelerate blooming, fruit set and root and plant growth.

It’s highly effective foliar feed that provides plants with critical nutrients needed during important growth stages. Because they are delivered through the leaves and stems, these necessary nutrients are available to the plant immediately. Farmers use Bill’s Perfect Fertilizer on fruits, vegetables, flowers, pastureland and hay as a supplement and primary fertilizer.

Bill’s Perfect Fertilizer is made from fish, seaweed, sugar cane, feed grade urea, organic calcium and other natural ingredients.

-Formulated to promote heavy blooming and fruit set in all crops
-Foliar feeding provides immediate uptake of nutrients Appropriate for all crops
-For use as main fertilizer or as supplement
-Effective yet inexpensive
-Bill’s Perfect Fertilizer can be tank mixed with Spray-N-Grow